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If you have completed or are currently pursuing B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA, BCA, B.Sc, M.Sc, or any other graduation program, you can easily enrol in this course to start your career in networking or as a software developer.

Anyone interested in learning development, networking, or entering the field of information technology is welcome to join the class.

  1. At GNS Technologies, we firmly believe that technical education is for everyone, regardless of age.
  2. We expect all our students to have basic computer skills and strongly encourage them to expand their knowledge with our courses.
  3. Prior experience with 'C' and C++ can give you an edge, but it is not mandatory.

Our networking courses prepare graduates for careers as network administrators, network engineers, or cybersecurity specialists. Development courses prepare students for roles as web developers, software engineers, or mobile app developers.

Our networking and development courses at GNS Technologies strongly emphasize the preparation for industry-recognized certifications, such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and many others.

Courses will be conducted in English, Hindi, and Marathi with a primary focus on English for interviews.

  1. Our instructors and career services team are dedicated to helping you build a professional portfolio that showcases your projects effectively.
  2. They emphasize the importance of a strong portfolio in advancing your career and offer comprehensive support in creating an impactful portfolio that will help you stand out from the competition.

Rest assured that students have uninterrupted access to updated course materials, industry publications, and resources for continuous learning and skill enhancement beyond the duration of the courses.

After completing networking and development courses, students have access to career counselling and job placement assistance. Our career services team provides support with resume building, interview preparation, and industry-specific job opportunities.

Upon completion of a course at our institute, your salary will depend on the company, skills, and platform that you will be assigned to. Typically, start-up companies may offer lower salaries while larger companies may provide higher wages based on your skills. The details of your salary will be disclosed during the interview process.

Please get in touch with our counselling team for comprehensive career guidance. You may fill out an inquiry form, and our team will respond promptly. We will assist you in enrolling in and completing a training program that will lead to a bright future.

Once you fill out the basic program details, you will be prompted to complete a detailed application form to register. Registration and tuition fees vary depending on the chosen course.

This course is designed to be conducted in-person only, with no online components. It emphasizes face-to-face interactions and traditional classroom learning.

Our institute offers comprehensive soft skills training programs to enhance learners' professional development and interpersonal skills.

No, we do not offer any flexible learning options for working professionals. The batch timings are fixed for all students and cannot be altered.

  1. In order to pursue a career in IT, it's important to showcase a high level of proficiency in various coding languages and technical tools.
  2. Apart from technical skills, having good communication and organizational skills is also crucial. It's recommended to demonstrate these skills through projects in your portfolio.

Networking professionals require skills such as creativity, analytical thinking, programming, and problem-solving.

You can join our courses even if you're not in your final year of college. The courses are designed for working professionals and students. Many students join in the second or third year for an early start.

  1. Our curriculum development staff has many years of instructional design experience in developing leading edge programs. Courses are presented in a logical modular format that allows you to progress rapidly in a very structured environment.
  2. The courses contain instructor led lectures, visual demonstrations, interactive labs and test simulations.

We are a well-established and reliable software training institute based in Pune. Our institute offers genuine placement assistance and we can provide you with references to credible software companies. Your job placement will be based on your performance during the training program.

Our networking and development courses have consistently high job placement rates for graduates. Our dedicated career services team works closely with industry partners to facilitate job placements for our graduates based on their skills and career aspirations.

Once you have successfully cleared the Final Evaluation Test, the actual placement process will begin. This process starts after you complete your course. However, the preparation for the placement process commences during the final leg of your curriculum and runs for a few weeks alongside your coursework.

  1. We will work with you during the last few weeks of the program and assist you in building a portfolio, resume, and online profiles.
  2. We will also run you through multiple mock interviews to prepare you for the job-seeking process.
  3. Moreover, we will provide preparatory information regarding any opportunity or company that is hiring. During the placement process, we will offer additional one-on-one guidance as deemed necessary by the team.

We don't offer a job guarantee to our students. Enrolling in our courses won't entitle anyone to a job. It takes effort to clear the Placement Interviews. However, we provide the right skills to succeed in Campus Placement Interviews and secure a well-paid job offer.

Completing a full-stack development program can open up numerous career opportunities, such as becoming a full-stack developer, front-end engineer, software engineer etc.

  1. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on practical implementation, starting with the basics and building up to job-ready skills, even for those who are new to the subject.
  2. Our courses are designed to be long enough to allow for ample practice time and a thorough understanding of the concepts. Each student receives personalized guidance from a mentor throughout their learning journey.
  3. We have a wide range of hiring partners, so we can offer job opportunities tailored to each candidate's unique profile.

Placement services offer a range of resources to help students prepare for and secure tech roles. These resources include mock interviews, resume building sessions, mentorships, interview preparation modules, soft skills training, doubt clearing, company-specific materials and a dedicated placement coach.

Our exceptional team of highly knowledgeable professionals are dedicated to providing students with an unparalleled learning experience. Our trainers offer unwavering support and foster a friendly environment, ensuring that our students' growth is maximized in a positive manner.

Yes, our courses place a strong emphasis on hands-on training, lab exercises, and real-world projects. Our goal is to provide students with practical skills and experience that can be directly applied in their future careers in the industry.

  1. We strive to maintain the highest standards of education at our institution. To this end, we make it a priority to regularly update our course content in order to stay current with the latest industry trends and best practices in networking and development.
  2. This helps to ensure that our students receive well-rounded and relevant training that prepares them for success in their future careers.
  1. Our organization offers customized assistance to students who are switching to networking and development careers from other professional fields.
  2. We provide career counselling, analyse skill gaps, and give personalized guidance to students to help them utilize their existing experience and skills in the networking and development domains.

We have established partnerships with leading companies, professionals, and organizations in networking and development. These connections provide students with networking opportunities, industry insights, and potential internships or employment pathways.

Our courses encourage students to tackle real-world challenges, explore new ideas, and develop inventive solutions. We foster a dynamic learning environment that nurtures creativity and critical thinking in networking and development contexts.

Our networking and development courses offer students the chance to earn professional certifications and industry-recognized credentials. We provide support and assistance for certification preparation, which helps students enhance their credentials and marketability in the networking and development fields.

  1. GNS Technologies Pvt Ltd has been a prominent training institute for hardware, networking, and software development courses since 2010.
  2. Our certification programs are designed to meet the current and future needs of the fast-changing industry, and to help students launch their careers in the field of information technology, enabling them to achieve greater heights.

We offer a variety of networking and software development courses, including fundamentals, Cisco certifications, programming languages like Java, Python, and C#, web development and more

Our institute prioritizes practical, hands-on learning, emphasizing real-world applications and providing access to industry-standard networking and software development tools. Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention for each student.

Get in touch with us at our office located on the first floor of Bhushan Bhawan, opposite MCCIA on Tilak Road at Swargate, Pune - 411002. You can also contact us via email or phone.

We have tie-ups with local PGs and hostels that provide accommodation to students within walking distance and nearby locality for their desired period of time.

AC labs and projectors are readily available to all branch students. On-site training is provided to ensure that you receive the best learning experience possible.

  1. Our institute offers industry-relevant training, strong partnerships with Pune's software companies, comprehensive placement services, and personalized career guidance.
  2. We ensure successful job placements for our graduates in the competitive software industry in Pune through continuous industry engagement and proven success stories.

Our training programs ensure job readiness through industry-aligned skills, placement support, and industry connections. We empower graduates for ongoing success with continuous learning, mentorship, and adaptability to industry changes.

  1. Our innovative model is designed to empower students by providing them with access to quality training without upfront tuition fees.
  2. Students can undergo training, gain valuable skills, and then pay the training fees only after they secure a job in the industry.
  3. This gives them the confidence to pursue their dreams without any financial burden and sets them on a path to success.
  1. The Pay After Placement Agreement is a way to pay your GNS Technologies course fee. PAP is an agreement between students and our institute under which you agree to pay a fixed monthly payment for 36 months or less.
  2. The payment starts only once you earn a salary above the threshold amount. The threshold amount is the minimum salary you have to earn before you start paying your GNS Technologies course fee.
  3. If you do not get the promised outcome, you pay us nothing at all. Your education is free.

Once you get a job with a salary equal to or greater than the minimum threshold salary after completing the course, this policy will come into effect. If you lose your job due to any of the following reasons:

(i) Your employer/company you were placed in stops its business
(ii) Pay cut is introduced by your employer/ company you were placed in, across the company, or
(iii) Lay-off by your employer/ company you were placed in, due to economic hardship.

You will need to report the change and provide the necessary supporting documents. Once reported, your payments will be automatically paused.

According to the Pay After Placement (PAP) Agreement, you are required to provide all the necessary documents related to your income, including your Offer Letter, Salary Slips, IT Returns, Bank statements, etc. This information is necessary for us to offer you our courses with zero upfront fees.

The PAP Agreement should be noted that it is not a loan, therefore, there is no interest on your payment.

Rest assured that at GNS Technologies, we do not charge our students with any additional fees as our course fees are all-inclusive.