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Quality Education with 100% Job Guarantee

GNS Technologies is one of the leading IT training institutes based in Pune since 2010. It is managed by a group of IT and education experts with a strong aim of fulfilling the industry demand of quality software and network professionals.

Our Mission

To empower aspiring IT professionals with specialized knowledge and practical skills in Computer Networking and Software Field.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for success in the careers of our students, setting new benchmarks in computer networking and Software education.

Why choose us

The Beneficial Side
of GNS Technologies

Corporate Trainers

Our 15+ year experienced Trainers brings real-world insights and practical knowledge for you through technical training in classroom.

Interactive Training

Immerse in practical learning with interactive screens and essential equipment in our classrooms, fostering an engaging environment for hands-on experiences.

Proven Track Record

With 12+ years of expertise, we've placed 5000+ students in premier IT firms, demonstrating our commitment to shaping successful career paths in the dynamic IT Industry.

Our students works in

Top IT Companies

Over the last 12+ years, We proudly witnessed over 8000 students finding their footing in top-tier IT companies. Be a part of our thriving community by joining us today.

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